Top 5 Free Unblocked Music streaming sites To listen Music At School, College and office (2018) Updated

Do you know, what has become the most important part of almost everyone’s life ? Guys its “music”. Now you might be thinking that how can we say this with much confidence, so here are the real life examples supporting the fact -when its a happy moment, music doubles your joy; when you want to express your love to your beloved, music adds a special touch to your emotions; when its a heartbreak, music makes your emotions coming out of you; and when its a sad phrase of your life, music gives you a ray of hope; And when you are too tired after working for so long, music gives you more energy.

Now the question arises, “Where can we listen to unblocked music ?” You can simply get it through a number of unblocked music streaming sites. But here we are providing only best unblocked music sites out of thousands.


List of best free unblocked music streaming sites 2018:



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Spotify is an amazing unblocked music streaming site, which you can easily use in place of radio.

It gives you immense options from selecting the song out of albums to selecting them by the names of singers.

And you know what is the special thing about it ? The special thing is its totally protected from the dangerous viruses due to which you often have to face so much of problems.

Spotify is designed so consciously that any new user can also get access to it easily without any trouble.




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Do you know, which unblocked songs website is hitting the list nowadays. It’s none other than Google Play Music which has reached the masses so fast.

As the name itself states, it is under the Google so its obvious for it to be the best preference for all the people there.

The only required thing for you to get access of it is to sign in with google by your e-mail account. And then you can enjoy this trustworthy website, all day and night.




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Pandora is one of the best places where you can listen to unblocked music for free.

This amazing platform is present in two forms – website and app. Both are designed in such a unique manner that users won’t get any discomfort while using this awesome product.

Here, you can also get latest to latest songs whether Hindi, English, Punjabi or in any other language.

Even this platform has made the activity of searching your favourite song so easy.




unblocked music sites at school 2018

If you want to listen to unblocked music without any troubleshooting, it’s one of the best places available on the digital platform.

It’s been ranked in the list of best unblocked music sites of the year 2017 and 2018 too.

This will give you a feel of radio having listed channels and filtering options. Another special option of this site is auto-piloted feature; this feature is just like an alarm clock as it allows you to set the time when you want to get started with listening music and also switches it off too for whenever you’ve fixed the option to bang the song off so you can fall asleep.




Image result for SOUNDCLOUD

Another one of the amazing unblocked music streaming sites listed for the top rankings.

This site allows you to get your choice of song by a convenient selection method whether country wise , as per singers or albums.

All the trending and latest songs which you are not able to find anywhere else are available here. So, this is one of the USP of this site.



Well, we have discussed above all the best unblocked music sites of the year 2017 and 2018. If you have any further query, please feel free to ask in the comment section and also stay tuned for much useful and interesting stuff.





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