TOP 10 BOLLYWOOD STARS Whose Breakup Transformed Them Completely

Break-ups are hard enough whether you are dating someone for a short period or for a longer period . You get used to them and it becomes like a habbit to talk to the loved ones daily. Top 10 bollywood stars breakup transformed completely After break-ups , some people feel depressed and others keep themselves busy so that they can keep their minds away from that pain . Here’s how bollywood stars heal their broken hearts :

TOP 10  BOLLYWOOD STARS Those Breakup Transformed Them Completely  :top 10 bollywood stars breakup transformed completely


As we all know , Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor were there in the news for so long as both were in a relationship . But in 2016 , the news of their separation broke out and all the fans were stonished by hearing this shocking news . It was difficult for both the actors to overcome their pain . But Katrina showed her extreme will power and transformed her completely to a new Katrina Kaif .


Once a while ago , Deepika was dating Ranbir Kapoor . She was in so much love with him that she even got his initials tattooed on her neck . However , due to some personal grudges , they both split up ending their beautiful relationship . But afterwards , Deepika found her true soulmate that is Ranveer Singh , who is one of the most established actors . Deepika had never give up and this break-up had transformed her completely .


Karishma , one of the prettiest ladies of the bollywood industry , has also gone through this troma . She had quite an ugly divorce with her ex-husband named Sanjay Kapoor . They both moved on in their lives . For few months ,Karishma is dating Sandeep Toshniwal . Despite of being broken , she continued with her career in a boostful way .


Kareena Kapoor khan has also faced this situation . Once , she was in a relationship with Shahid Kapoor and suddenly , they both broke up . After that they both found their true love in the form of life partners . Shahid kapoor moved on with his wife Mira kapoor whereas Kareena moved on with Saif Ali khan . Currently , they both are happily married .


Arjun Kapoor is one such actor who totally redefined him from fat to fit . And the reason behind this change was his ex-girlfriend Arpita Khan who ditched him just because of his bulky body and excess weight . This break-up forced Arjun Kapoor to be the one , who he is today . He had two options in front of him either to remain sad and depressed ; and the other one to prove himself that he is no less . And he made a correct choice for himself .


Farhan Akhtar , the person who is known as a multi-talented person has also faced many hardships in his life . Adhuna , his love divorced him because of some petty selfish reasons . But he doesn’t get demoralized ; inspite of that he indulged himself in so many activities so that he could not get even a single second free to have her thoughts . And all this lead him to be the biggest star which he is today .


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