The best strategies and tricks for playing Ludo king

Everyone has heard about the trending game “LUDO KING”. Do you know, what this game is all about? By reading its name , you might get an idea about it. But let us tell you , its not that boring traditional Ludo game which we used to play at our childhood time. Though it’s a board game having four colours but this online featuring game has some more features. Its something more interesting than the usual Ludo because it’s a computerised version. In 2016 , this game was developed by Gametion and released on IOS best strategies tricks playing ludo king.

BEST Strategies & WINNING TRICKS: Become a master of Ludo King


All of you must be looking for tips: How to become a master of Ludo King? So here we are mentioning some secret tricks to help you in becoming a champion in this game :


best strategies tricks playing ludo king

  1. Which colour to choose ?

While starting the game , you might have given a single second to the thought “Which colour I should choose ?” and surely , you have ended by choosing your favourite colour. But , let us make you clear with the facts of choosing colours as it’s a computerised game. If you want to win this game , then you should go with blue colour because of the fact that six mostly occurs to blue colour-holder. Now, you must be thinking what if your friend also chooses that colour. Don’t worry, the second best option is to go with green colour; It also helps you to get more of six.


  1. How to get a six ?

Although we all love to play game when we are winning the game . But the worst part is losing it only because of not getting a six. Everyone finds it quite boring when your friends play almost half of their game and you are still waiting for a six to get started. We have already described the significance of choosing colour to get six. But still if you are looking for more then here it is .So , what you need to keep in your mind to get six is to press the button for 5 seconds and in a tight manner. Yes , you might be wondering if it would work or not . But trust us , it’s a true fact as it’s a programming game so there are some hidden secrets behind it.


  1. How to get a number of your choice ?

Here , we are telling you a big secret which is not known by everybody. If you want to get number 5 , then press the button for 4 seconds ; If number 4 , then press the button for 3 seconds ; If number 3 , then hold it for 2 seconds and if want to get number 2 then a quick click is needed . And remember for small numbers , do press the button very lightly .




We have shared some interesting best strategies tricks playing ludo king with you which will surely make you win and put your friends in amazement. So, do comment if you find this article useful and let us know about the queries.


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