Shocking News : Sunny Leone : I Am Pregnant And I am Having Baby in my Belly

Have you heard this shocking news : Sunny leone is pregnant , the famous Bollywood celebrity is expecting a baby. Earlier , there were many rumours about her pregnancy ; But then she made the media clear about the fact  now she is  being pregnant.

Shocking News : Sunny Leone Is pregnant :sunny leone is pregnant

Yes , she herself has accepted that there is a constant pressure on her from her in-laws to expect a baby. Also at some point , her husband Daniel Weber had some sort of baby fever. But , that time she was not ready for conceiving a baby due to some medical reasons .

Also she was much concerned about her career . In an interview , she was asked , “When you are going to plan a baby?” ; Then she answered, “I’ll get thousands of chances to conceive a baby; But this time will never return. So right now, my main focus is towards my career as I want to grow into the biggest Bollywood star.”

Also it was in the news that after a lot of pressure from the family , she agreed to conceive a baby . But after sometime , we came to know that she got entry in the biggest reality show Splits Villa as a supreme judge and then she again sorted it out in front of media that all the news about her pregnancy are just rumours.

Then it was in the news that after Splits Villa , she decided to get a baby not through her womb but by the means of Surrogacy . And this news lasts longer in the media because the means of Surrogacy is very common among the Bollywood stars like Shahrukh Khan , Aamir Khan , Tushar Kapoor , Karan Johar and even the well known stand-up comedian Krishna and his wife Kashmira. Even her husband Daniel Weber at once encouraged her to get a baby through Surrogacy because her family was very willing to have a new member in their home, which will let her family complete. But later , she denied all these facts and announced that she will plan a baby soon but not now, because her prime factor is her career.

Then in 2015 , again her husband and family made her feel importance of a baby in life but she was not medically fit to conceive a baby. So, the entire family dropped out the idea of having a new born member in the family . And then she concentrated more on her career than any other thing. She was offered a great number of shows and songs; And then she got engaged in all these career opportunities. She did many Punjabi and Hindi movies too and achieved a great height of success.sunny leone is pregnant

Now in 2017 , after being so much successful , she herself felt the need of a baby in her life . Even , few months back , Sunny and her husband Daniel went to THE KAPIL SHARMA SHOW and there , she was asked the same question as asked earlier ; Then she replied , “We are planning to conceive a baby as soon as possible.” Afterwards , she got spotted in an event in which her outlook,  behavior and actions were directly pointing out towards the fact that she is expecting a baby . Though she hasn’t made any official announcement regarding that but still , it is a suspicion which will likely to be true.


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