Sexiest TOM CRUISE New Upcoming Movies By Date 2017 & 2018


TOM CRUISE , one of the sexiest man of the Hollywood industry is famous for his great potential to get into any role very easily . This American actor has moulded himself in each and every role of his films ; sexiest tom cruise new upcoming movies this is the only reason why people love him madly . And it is expected that he would be seen in different type of projections in his upcoming movies .

Here are the details of his new upcoming blockbuster movies :


“THE MUMMY” directed by none other than Alex Kurtzman is expected to be released on 9th June , 2017 . This upcoming movie will be the most thrilling movie as this movie is somewhat different from other movies in various respects like unique story line ,sexiest tom cruise new upcoming movies different destinations of shooting , unique stunts , best star-cast and much more exciting things which you’ll get to know while watching this epic film . Tom Cruise will be seen playing a lead role of hero fighting against the monsters and Sofia Boutella will be seen as an ancient princess .


“AMERICAN MADE” directed by Doug Liman, will be on-screen by September 29 , 2017. This movie is also a drama and thrill based movie ; it’s a totally new story which you have never even heard of . sexiest tom cruise new upcoming moviesTom Cruise finds it very interesting to work with new outlooks in films having absolute different storylines . This film is based on a story of a pilot who certainly becomes a smuggler and later , proves his intelligence in a very interesting way which nobody can even think of .


This movie might be released in the summer of 2018 . It is basically a sequel of TOP GUN which is a romantic cum action based film , directed by Tony Scott . In this film , Tom Cruise will be seen in a complete dramatic role and you would surely be surprised while watching him in a new character full of humour and chaos .sexiest tom cruise new upcoming movies Though , everyone is waiting for this film since so long ; Still director and full star-cast is working on it to be the best sequel ever . As it is a franchise based film , so more sequels might come to entertain us to the very best sexiest tom cruise new upcoming movies .



  1. Happy 55th Birthday to the greatest actor of all time.
    I love his films so much and can’t wait to see Top Gun 2.

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