9 Beautiful Girls Zayn Malik Dated You Never Know

Despite being known as the former member of One Direction, Zayn Malik  has kept things pretty stable when it comes to his relationships. Lets see 9 beautiful girls Zayn Malik dated.

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Top 7 Greatest Horror Movies In The History of Cinema

Horror movies have been the most popular way of nightmare creation for nearly a hundred years. Being scared can be a private thing, but there’s nothing better than sitting in a crowded theater with friends. Trends and monsters have evolved, but our desire to be horrified remains the same. Take a look at the top 7  greatest horror movies of all time. Continue reading “Top 7 Greatest Horror Movies In The History of Cinema”


Biggest Clash on Box Office in 2017: Baahubali 2 vs Robot 2

Finally let me tell you  the latest report on the clash of the titans of 2017,Baahubali 2 vs Robot 2.lets talk about Robot 2 (2.0) first which features Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson in lead roles, this film is said to be the most expensive Indian film ever, with the budget of whopping 350 crores.On the other hand,  Baahubali 2 which stars Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Anushka Shetty and Tamannaah in lead roles, is one of the most expectant film of 2017.

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Top 6 Richest Actors in the World 2016 – Net Worth

In Today’s Hollywood World, it may seem everyone has unlimited funds for big cars, reasons behind unlimited funds are their hard efforts, dedication about their work . For these actors, that perspective is very close to reality. Here we gonna show you top 6 richest actors  in 2016 . 

 List of Top 6 Richest Actors in 2016 –  Net Worth

1. Merv Griffin Net Worth 2016 – $1 Billion

top 6 richest actorsBorn in 1925, he began his carrer from singer and finally he got the oppertunity as supporting actor for a film So This is Love (1953). , so he started focussing on films. His self titled show ran 21 seasons and earned 11 Emmy Awards.He owned a multitude of business and build a small real estate empire at the time of his death in 2007.

2. Jerry Seinfeld Net Worth 2016 – $820 Million

top 6 richest actors Jerry Seinfeld is best known for  “Show about nothing!” Jerry Seinfeld has proved to be great successful as both a comedian and actor. He soon became a household name for his work in front of the camera and inside the writing room.He has got the 2nd place in the list of top 5 richest actor 2016.

3. Shah Rukh Khan Net Worth 2016 – $600 Million

top 6 richest actors Well Mr. Khan, also known as “King Khan”who started his carrer  with a starring role in the television series Fauji in 1989, is the single most successful and decorated actor to come out of India’s Bollywood scene. With appearances on stage and screen, Khan has garnered over a dozens of awards like IIFA, FILMFARE etc. Khan also has earned  ownership of a cricket team  KKR and Red Chili Entertainment studios.

4. Tom Cruise Net Worth 2016 – $480 Million

top 6 richest actorsCruises career began with a small bit part with Endless Love, and within 5 years was among one of the most popular action film actors on the planet with his role in 1986’s Top Gun. Cruise continued with great commercial success with such films as Rain Man and the Mission Impossible series, which further demonstrated his ability to take on a variety of roles which makes him evergreen actor in Hollywood.

5.Mel Gibson Net Worth 2016 – $425 Million

top 6 richest actorsMel Gibson is Famous for a powerful presence on both film and in the media, With his most notable contributions to film being his role as William Wallace in Braveheart and Detective Martin Riggs in the Lethal Weapon series, he made country proud with his acting skills . Gibson also has become a prominent director which such films as 2006’s Apocalypto and the controversial Passion of the Christ.

6. Johnny Depp Net Worth 2016 – $400 Million

top 6 richest actors It’s been Johnny Depp who is able to develop a cult of personality among the youth, With widespread successes such as his menacing looking but child-like role in Edward Scissorhands to his quirky, rum laden part in the Pirates of the Carribean series, he earned much in his whole carrer.

Here we just showed you the list of top 6 richest actors in 2016 based upon their net worth, hope this would make you help in finding the richest actors in the world. 


Americans Music Awards 2016 Winners Complete List

The American Music Awards were firstly organised 1973 as an alternative to the Grammys. The American Music Awards Winners are chosen by fans through online voting,because they have full right to select their favourite artist.Here is the complete list of American Music Awards 2016 Winners.


america music awards 2016 winnersAriana Grande, 23, was chosen artist of the year,after beating Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Gomez.



american music awards 2016 winnersFormer One Direction member Zayn Malik, who quit British boy band One Direction last year grapped such a really great honour this year, because of his solo carrer Pillotalk Singer earned this honour very first time.



american music awards 2016 winnersFifth Harmony Featuring Ty Dolla $ign “Work From Home”


american music awards 2016 winnersJustin Bieber “Sorry”



american music awards 2016 winnersJustin Beiber



american music awards 2016 winnersSelena Gomez


full list of  American Music Awards 2016 winners.

Artist of the year – Ariana Grande
New artist of the year – Zayn Malik
Collaboration of the year – Fifth Harmony featuring Ty Dolla Sign – ‘Work From Home’
Tour of the year – Beyonce
Video of the year – Justin Bieber – ‘Sorry’
Favourite male artist (pop/rock) – 
Justin      female artist (pop/rock) – Selena Gomez
duo or group (pop/rock) – Twenty One Pilots
album (pop/rock) –  – ‘Purpose’
song (pop/rock) – – ‘Love Yourself’
male artist (country) – Blake SheltonFavourite female artist (country) – Carrie Underwood
duo or group (country) – Florida Georgia Line
e album (country) – Carrie Underwood – ‘Storyteller’
song (country) – Tim McGraw – ‘Humble And Kind’
artist (rap/hip-hop) – Drake
album (rap/hip-hop) – Drake – ‘Views’
Song (rap/hip-hop) – Drake – ‘Hotline Bling’
male artist (soul/R&B) – Chris Brown
female artist (soul/R&B) – Rihanna
album (soul/R&B) – – ‘Anti’
song (soul/R&B) –  featuring Drake – ‘Work’
(alternative rock) – Twenty One Pilots
(adult contemporary) – Adele
(Latin) – Enrique Iglesias
(contemporary inspirational) – Hillsong United
(electronic dance music) – The Chainsmokers
Top soundtrack – Purple Rain


list of performers who performed live at the stage.

Performers who performed at stage included Bieber, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Green Day, Sting, Bruno Mars, The Weeknd and The Chainsmokers.




top 9 Richest Stars Who Are Very Talented Under The Age Of 25

The world is filled with the poorest of the poor and the richest of the rich. However, the poorer population far out balances the rich. If these individuals are extremely lucky, they are able to make millions before the age of 25.Here we gonna show you top 9 richest stars list under 25 age.


9. Nick Jonas, 22: $18 million

top 9 richest stars

Nick Jonas, originally named Nicholas Jerry Jonas, is one of the most successful young artists in the world. He is most widely known for his BAND The Jonas Brothers.He gets 9th position in the list of top 9 richest starAs Currently, his net worth is $18 million.

8. Taylor Lautner, 22: $40 million

top 9 richest stars

With the huge success of the Twilight series, Taylor Lautner earned name as well as fame in filmy world. The young actor, originally from Michigan, has made more in the last few years than many stars make in their lifetimes. His total worth is over $40 million.

7. Jennifer Lawrence, 24: $53.9 million

top 9 richest stars

The Hunger Games has made Lawrence the majority of her earnings thus far, but she has also been paid highly Silver Linings Playbook, for instance, was widely popular. Her pay rate for that film is not as much as The Hunger Games though, and for her lead role in Catching Fire, Lawrence made $10 million.  In total, the rising star has a net worth of around $53.9 million.

6. Emma Watson, 24: $60 million

top 9 richest stars

Emma Watson, known for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films. Her campaign, HeForShe, has been focusing on gender equality and rights for all. Currently, her net worth is around $60 million, the majority of which she gained from Harry Potter.

5. Kristen Stewart, 24: $70 million

Two years back, Kristen Stewart was the highest top 9 richest starsgrossing actress of the year, according to Forbes. The Twilight series made the young star millions of dollars. Although the star has already made so much with these films, the fourth movie is going to make her another $25 million.Kristen Stewart has a net worth of $70 million.

4. Daniel Radcliffe, 25: $110 million

top 9 richest stars

Daniel Radcliffe is one of the richest men in Britain with a net worth of $150 million. His massive financial success came from the Harry Potter franchise, in which he played the lead character. For these roles, he was making over $15 million a year.

3. Miley Cyrus, 22: $165 million

top 9 richest stars

Miley Cyrus has been making headlines for a couple of years due to her bold and sexy moves . Making her fortune as a Disney star, she went on to build on. Her net worth is around $70 million.

2. Taylor Swift, 25: $180 million

top 9 richest stars

Taylor Swift is currently worth a modest estimate of $180 million dollars. The young star has been popular with teenage and pre-teenage audiences around the world. Swift has released albums with top hits for years, and has won numerous awards for her talent.

1. Justin Bieber, 20: $200 million

top 9 richest stars

Although the world seems to be split on whether or not they like Justin Bieber, he has enough fans to keep his musical career going. The Canadian singer has enjoyed massive popularity, particularity from young girls, and continues to make millions on his music. In total, the pop sensation is worth around $200 million which secures his top spot in the list of top 9 richest stars.



6 Amazing Zayn Malik’s Haircut Styles Between 2010-16

Here is the  6 Amazing Zayn Malik’s Haircut Styles  All the Time

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Top 9 Hottest SuperModels in the World 2016 You May Ever Know

The models are one of the most fascinating news one likes know. There are many a models that are extremely stylish and sexy.Their stunning looks make them lovable . These models really has the power to catch the  of any person.The models have great pleasure to walk on the red carpet. Let’s see  top 9 hottest supermodels 2016.

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Top 7 Asian Sexiest Men list 2016

This year Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan slipped at no.2 spot whereas The long-running poll, compiled by UK based Eastern Eye newspaper,features Ali Zafar is at no. 3 spot.Here we gonna show you top 7 asian sexiest men 2016 list.

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Top 5 Bollywood celebrities crushes on Hollywood celebrities

Everyone has crush.We are deeply inspired from the beautiful Bollywood and Hollywood celebs. Their stunning looks and their lifestyle is quite impressive. Let me here  tell you Bollywood celebrities crushes.  Here we gonna show you top 5 Bollywood celebrities crushes on Hollywood.

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