How to unblock yourself on whatsapp new version 2018

The best ways to Unblock Yourself From Someone’s WhatsApp, we will reveal you proven steps to unblock yourself from others WhatsApp account without alerting your friend. If you thinking like that then this content is for you which will help you to know how to unblock yourself on WhatsApp new version 2018. Nowadays WhatsApp is a very popular messenger which helps us to connect with your known persons but sometimes you may experience that someone blocked you in your contact list.

How to unblock yourself on WhatsApp new version  2018

How to unblock yourself on whatsapp new version 2018

You want to investigate that…. right?

Now here we will tell you a very simple trick which can help you to unblock by yourself. At first, you have to find out that if you are really blocked on WhatsApp.

Here is the deal.

Procedure how to Unblock yourself on whatsapp new version 2018

1. Open WhatsApp                                                                                                                                                             2. Go to the Settings
3. Click on “Account”
4. Now Click “Delete my account”
5. Enter your phone number to delete an account.
5. Now clear data and Cache of Whatsapp and Uninstall WhatsApp application.
6. Restart your device after uninstalling whatsapp.
7. Now Download WhatsApp application from Play Store again
8.Install and enter Number and details to start with
Bingo, now you have unblocked your whatsapp account with our tutorial to unblock whatsapp account. 

Conclusion –Note – Deleting your WhatsApp account will remove you from all the groups in which you were present before.

In this Post, You learned how to message the person who blocked you on Whatsapp and how to unblock yourself from a group.

So At The End of The Line –

This was the tutorial how to unblock yourself on Whatsapp new version 2018. You will surely be able to unblock whatsapp account by following this simple tutorial.

Do comment if this tutorial to unblock whatsapp account worked for you :), Feel free to Comment your queries and doubts regarding this tutorial to unblock whatsapp account. Do share this trick with your friends.


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