WWE: Drew McIntyre reveals his dream opponents in NXT, talks about Jinder Mahal

Drew McIntyre made his WWE debut in 2009. In the span of five years, he won the Intercontinental Championship and the Tag team Championship before his first tenure with the world’s largest wrestling promotion came to an end when his contract was terminated in 2014 wwe drew mcintyre reveals dream opponents nxt talks jinder mahal. Continue reading “WWE: Drew McIntyre reveals his dream opponents in NXT, talks about Jinder Mahal”


EVAN SPIEGEL , CEO of Snapchat got married to MIRANDA KERR

Everyone might be knowing about Evan Spiegel , the founder of very famous app “Snapchat”. But the wonderful thing which you might not be aware of , is that Evan got married to supermodel Miranda Kerr. Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel were dating each other since two years and they found themselves quite serious about each other, evan spiegel ceo snapchat got married miranda kerr so they decided to move their relation to a next step. After founding each other absolutely perfect and compatible , they announced their engagement in July 2016. Continue reading “EVAN SPIEGEL , CEO of Snapchat got married to MIRANDA KERR”


Top 5 Fastest Growing Youtubers of india In 2017

Top 5 Fastest Growing Youtubers of india In 2017top 5 fastest growing youtubers india 2017

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Cristiano Ronaldo likely to visit India for FIFA U-17 World Cup

In order to add more celebrity power to the tournament , the All Indian Football Federation (AIFF) has contacted the famous star Crustiano Ronaldo and if the talks are successful , the Portuguese forward will attend cristiano ronaldo visit india fifa u17 world cup  draw in Mumbai on July 7 . Continue reading “Cristiano Ronaldo likely to visit India for FIFA U-17 World Cup”


All the people must know how a normal person turns himself to THE LEGEND VIRAT KOHLI

There was a time when social media was full of messages terming Anushka Sharma as a big distraction in Kohli’s life . But he has not taken it negatively , despite of that he mould himself into a person who can face any problem , anytime .People must know normal person turns virat kohli In one of his interviews , he said ” He wishes to learn from his mistakes “. His attitude towards life made him a sensational icon . Continue reading “All the people must know how a normal person turns himself to THE LEGEND VIRAT KOHLI”


whats the reason behind this collaborate song don’t wanna live forever

I have neither the patience or time to deal with the really rabid haters. collaborate song i don’t  wanna live forever  is a sensual and wonderful song. It deserves to dominate the charts and be nominated for awards.  The song is remarkable for her sly choice of a duet partner — he performed the song a Single artist after separation from the group one direction. Harry Styles, one of Ms. Swift’s former boyfriends. Zyan Malik is the first person to go solo after the group one direction. Continue reading “whats the reason behind this collaborate song don’t wanna live forever”


One Direction’s Star Liam Payne Is Going To Be Dad!

British Newspaper THE SUN recently reported that  Liam Payne’s companion was pregnant after she spotted with baby bump. According to the report, a source close to the couple confirmed they were expecting a child soon and One Direction’s star Liam Payne is going to be dad!

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Top 7 hottest busty celebrities Currently Ruling in Hollywood

We have had enough of that ‘size zero’ figure. Here we take a look at top 7 hottest busty celebrities currently ruling .

Here is top 7 Hottest Busty Celebrities currently Ruling in Hollywood

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50 World’s Highest Paid Celebrities 2016:Complete List Revealed

Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, LeBron James, Jackie Chan and Melissa McCarth may categorise in 50 world’s highest paid celebrities 2016 Now, lets see the  50 world’s highest paid  celebrities 2016 list:Here at FORBES we recognize that, although many readers will enjoy exploring the list through our gorgeous  lander or browsing through a gallery of the top 50.

50 world's highest paid celebrities 2016

50 World’s Highest Paid Celebrities 2016 List.

1 Taylor Swift $170,000,000 USA

2 One Direction $110,000,000 UK

3 James Patterson $95,000,000 USA

4 Dr. Phil McGraw $88,000,000 USA

5Cristiano Ronaldo $88,000,000 Portugal

6 Kevin Hart $87,500,000 USA

7 Howard Stern $85,000,000 USA

8 Lionel Messi $81,500,000 Argentina

9 Adele $80,500,000 UK

10 Rush Limbaugh $79,000,000 USA

11 LeBron James $77,000,000 USA

12 Madonna $76,500,000 USA

13 Ellen DeGeneres $75,000,000 USA

14 Rihanna $75,000,000 Barbados

15 Garth Brooks $70,000,000 USA

16 Roger Federer $68,000,000 Switzerland

17 AC/DC $67,500,000 Australia

18 Rolling Stones $66,500,000 UK

19 Dwayne Johnson $64,500,000 USA

20 David Copperfield $64,000,000 USA

21 Calvin Harris $63,000,000 UK (Scotland)

22 Diddy $62,000,000 USA

23 Jackie Chan $61,000,000 China

24 Bruce Springsteen $60,500,000 USA

25 Paul McCartney $56,500,000 UK

26 Kevin Durant $56,000,000 USA

27 Novak Djokovic $56,000,000 Serbia

28 Justin Bieber $56,000,000 Canada

29 Kenny Chesney $56,000,000 USA

30 Ryan Seacrest $55,000,000 USA

31 U2 $55,000,000 Ireland

32 The Weeknd $55,000,000 Canada

33 Matt Damon $55,000,000 USA

34 Beyonce $54,000,000 USA

35 Gordon Ramsay $54,000,000 UK (Scotland)

36 Jay Z $53,500,000 USA

37 Tom Cruise $53,000,000 USA

38 Cam Newton $53,000,000 USA

39 Jordan Spieth $53,000,000 USA

40 Phil Mickelson $53,000,000 USA

41 Luke Bryan $53,000,000 USA

42 Kim Kardashian $51,000,000 USA

43 Kobe Bryant $50,000,000 USA

44 Muse $49,000,000 UK

45 Foo Fighters $48,500,000 USA

46 Johnny Depp $48,000,000 USA

47 Toby Keith $47,500,000 USA

48 Judy Sheindlin $47,000,000 USA

49 Jennifer Lawrence $46,000,000 USA

50 Tiger Woods $45,500,000 USA

Well, you just went through  50 world’s highest paid celebrities 2016 list.


Brad Pitt Divorcing Angelina Jolie , 5 reasons You Should Know

Brad Pitt divorcing Angelina Jolie after two years of marriage, and the well-informed gossip writers are trying to find out what, exactly, is going on.Here are 5 reasons for the Brad Angelina split, compiled from the internet, which is completely trustworthy.


brad pitt divorcing angelina jolieFirst reason comes in everyone mind Jolie’s hiring of a private investigator which uncovered an affair with Pitt and his Allied co-star, MARION COTILLARD.


brad pitt divorcing angelina joliewell, rumor came into existance that the breakup is a result of Brad and Angelina having different parenting styles.


brad pitt divorcing angelina jolie The final Straw for Duo came when Brad refused to spend the last few weeks of summer with his family and instead traveled to Croatia for some bro time with his bros. I’ve never been to Croatia. I hear it’s lovely.This one comes to us from In Touch Weekly.


brad pitt divorcing angelina jolieThis also comes from TMZ, who implied that this was the cause of the so-called parenting issues above.


brad pitt divorcing angelina jolieThe Old Faithful of Brad Pitt tabloid stories. we can conclude that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorced because a drunk, high, angry, Croatia-bro-downing Pitt was having affairs with Marion Cotillard, Jennifer Aniston, and Gwyneth Paltrow, perhaps at the same time, all of which was happening in front of his children.

Another reasons came into exsistance for Brad- Angelina Split:

Apparently “Angelina moved London with the kids to focus on her humanitarian efforts,” but Brad “never wanted to go to London,”brad pitt divorcing angelina jolie and the move “was her idea” in the first place.

brad pitt divorcing angelina jolie did something on that plane to his oldest child, Maddox, and it upset Angelina enough for her to file for divorce almost immediately afterwards.

Maybe it was abusive, maybe it wasn’t, but whatever it was was enough to make Angelina bring an end to a relationship that had lasted more than a decade.