It is hard to believe that most of the glamorous actors were once unfit . Here, you’ll get to know how they turned themselves from fat to fit bollywood stars unpredictable transformations.


PARINEETI CHOPRA           bollywood stars unpredictable transformations

Parineeti Chopra , the small town star was once fat and obese . She herself admitted in the media that before joining the films she wasn’t just chubby , infact she was very fat . She had faced many problems only because of her bulky body and then she worked very hard to get into the shape . Her diet plan and fitness instructor helped her alot .

SONAKSHI SINHAbollywood star's unpredictable transformations

Sonakshi Sinha , daughter of Shatrughan Sinha was totally unfit at a time . Then to get into this bollywood industry , she reduced upto 30 kgs . She suffered alot due to her oversized body . Then she willingly decided to reduce her weight and get into shape . Her efforts for this are praise worthy .

ARJUN KAPOORbollywood stars unpredictable transformations

Our bollywood ladies are not the only ones struggling with weight problems . Arjun Kapoor , son of famous producer Boney Kapoor made his debut in the bollywood industry through Ishqzade film . For this film , he has reduced alot . Because earlier he was very much obese and due to this , he had faced much problems . As he was a star kid , he was under much pressure to get into the shape . And he achieved all this by his hardwork and dedication .

 ALIA BHATT              bollywood stars unpredictable transformations

The young star of bollywood who made her debut through Student of the year was not always as gorgeous as she is now . She was very obese at a time and people used to make fun of her . After all this , she decided to be in a slim shape and therefore worked very hard to be what she is today .

 JACKKY BHAGNANIbollywood stars unpredictable transformations

Jackky Bhagnani , in his teenage days , was very bulky and obese . Before his debut film Kal Kisne Dekha , he weighed 130 kg . He reduced 60 kg of his weight by following strict diet plan and various exercises . Now , he looks exactly opposite of what he used to look in his teenage . He seems too confident that he now poses shirtless . His looks has turned million of fans mad before him .


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