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Yes !!!  You heard it right that AVENGERS – INFINITY WAR movie is now in theaters, been released on 27th April 2018. Now you might be thinking “Is this movie worth watching or not ?” So let us help you with AVENGERS – INFINITY WAR movie reviews.


   Authority    Ratings
  IMDb  9.2 / 10
  Hindustan Times  4 / 5
  Movie Sensor Board  3.5 / 5


AVENGERS – INFINITY WAR movie has been rated “3.5 stars” which implies that it is more than worth watching. Moreover, it took almost three years to make this film so you, yourself can assume how amazing this movie would be. Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Studios’ creation “Avengers – Infinity War” is just another big hit in the industry.

AVENGERS - INFINITY WAR reviews rating


Well, when we talk about all the star-cast and staff then we will be less of words ; the only reason being they have played their roles to the best possible and even all the characters enacted by star actors suited them to the core.

Robert Downey Jr. enacted as Tony Stark AKA Iron Man , Chris Evans as Captain America , Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow , Zoe Saldana as Gamora , Chris Pratt as Star Lord, Tom Holland as Spider Man and Josh Brolin as Thanos. When you’ll watch the movie, you will find all the actors charming you with their enhancing acting skills.



AVENGERS – INFINITY WAR revolves around Avengers and their allies who plays their role in protecting the world from all sort of threats. There is not just a hero rather there are about 76 important characters in the movie.

Now, a problem arises when cosmic shadows: Thanos possesses threat. The main aim of Thanos is to collect all six Infinity Stones which are artifacts of never-ending power and to rule the world as per his will. The fate of Earth and its existence has never been such uncertain but Thanos manage to spread the threat of danger among the people. Then Avengers fight against him and despite of all the troubles, they somehow manage to save the world.

AVENGERS - INFINITY WAR reviews rating

But you must have to watch the movie to know how Avengers put an end to all the trouble caused by Cosmic Shadows and again make the world free of fear of being destroyed.

For people who love to watch thrilling movies with a buzz of action, it’s going to be the best movie ever. The film is made with so much of perfection that you’ll be totally amazed by the graphics and editing of all battle sequels.

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